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12 Basic Drawing Ideas for Beginners

For some people, the idea of drawing or sketching can seem daunting. With so many different techniques out there and so much artistic talent in the world, it’s easy to feel intimidated by an art form that you’re not sure how to pursue. This list of 12 basic drawing ideas for beginners provides inspiration and instruction for people who want to start drawing or sketching but don’t know where to begin or what to practice first. With these beginner art drawing ideas, you will soon be on your way to creating your own artwork!

1. Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes -Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Drawing geometric shapes are great things to draw when starting with drawing. Many beginners enjoy drawing shapes because they’re basic and easy to recreate. Geometric shapes can be challenging, but in a fun and different way than drawing people or objects. Start with a Square: A square is a rectangle with four equal sides. Draw a square by drawing four lines of the same length that meet in the middle and then joining them together at the corners with diagonal lines to form right angles.

2. A figure in motion

You may want to consider using a series of sketches to depict the figure in different positions and then use arrows or other lines to show the motion. You may also want to use a single image and show the motion through the use of lines or other elements. Some possible techniques include using a series of overlapping circles or ovals to represent different parts of the body in different positions, drawing a stick figure and then drawing curved lines to show the path of motion, or using a series of short, curved lines to show the different positions of the body in motion.

3. Landscape

Landscape – Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Draw your desk lamp and the books you are reading. Sketch what’s on your desk: a calendar, your keyboard, and the coffee mug you spilled last week. You can also draw a picture of yourself at work, capturing what you look like in that moment of deep concentration as you tap away at the keys or type an email to a client.

Drawing is about more than just putting lines on paper.

4. Flower pots

Draw a flower pot that’s sitting next to a garden or in someone’s yard. Add flowers, a bench, or anything else you want to make your drawing really come alive. You can also draw a flower pot by itself if you want to make something more abstract.

Drawing pots is one of the easiest things to do when learning how to draw because they’re just basic shapes: circles and cylinders.

5. Butterfly

Butterfly – Drawing Ideas for Beginners

A butterfly is a great starter design and is relatively easy to draw with only 4 steps. There is no one way to draw a butterfly, as they come in many different shapes and sizes. However, a few tips on how to draw a butterfly may include: 

  • Start by drawing the head and thorax of the butterfly. Add in the antennae, and then begin to draw the wings. 
  • When drawing the wings, be sure to include the veins that run through them. These will give the butterfly its characteristic look. 
  • Butterflies come in many different colors, so be sure to choose the colors you want your butterfly to be. 
  • Once you have the basic shape of the butterfly drawn, you can add details like patterns on the wings, or a background.

6. Leaves

Drawing leaves is one of the easiest things to do in a drawing and it’s also a great way to start learning how to draw. Leaves can be drawn in many different ways, but there are two main types: feathered leaves and palm leaves. To learn how to draw either type, first, you need to know what they look like up close. These two types of leaves have very different structures that make them easy to identify from afar. Feathery leaves have thin branches which droop downwards at an angle; these branches all originate from one central point on the leaf stem which points upwards.

7. Feather

Feather – Drawing Ideas for Beginners

A feather is a great first drawing project, so here’s how to start drawing! 

  • Start by drawing the quill of the feather. This will be the main shaft that the rest of the feather grows.
  • Next, draw the barbs that branch off from the quill. These barbs will be what give the feather its distinctive shape. 
  • Finally, draw the individual feathers that make up the barb. These feathers will be much smaller than the quill and barbs and will be arranged in a curved pattern.

8. Bird

Drawing birds is a fun and easy way to practice a variety of drawing skills. One of the best aspects of birds is that they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors so you can switch things up each time you want to draw one.

9. Animals

Drawing animals is one of the great beginner drawing ideas. Animals are often used as cartoon characters in children’s books and animated movies, so it’s no surprise that they’re also a favorite among budding artists. If you’re new to drawing, animals are an excellent way to practice basic skills without worrying about the human form. 

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10. Cartoon characters

Cartoon characters – Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Draw pictures of your favorite cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry, Spongebob Squarepants, or any other popular character. Start by drawing a basic shape such as a circle or rectangle. Next, draw the head and body of the character on top of that shape. Make sure that the head is proportionate to the body so it looks like it belongs with it.

11. A portrait of a friend or family member

There is no definitive way to draw a portrait of a family member. However, some tips that may be helpful include: 

  • Start with a basic sketch ideas of the person’s face, including their features and proportions. 
  • Add details such as hair, clothing, and accessories. 
  • Experiment with different poses and angles to capture the person’s personality. 
  • Use shading and shadows to create a realistic effect. 
  • Consider adding a background that is representative of the person’s life or interests.

12. Fruits

Fruits- Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Drawing fruits are great ideas to draw because of their simple shapes. You can practice drawing fruits as still lifes or use them as the basis for more complicated drawings. For example, you could draw a bowl of fruit with some overlapping objects and spaces in between the objects that are of different heights.

If you’re feeling confident about your artistic abilities, try to draw something you want to. The more you work on it, the better it’ll come out. And if you’re new to drawing and need some ideas, use these 12 easy beginner drawing ideas that will help get you started.


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