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Things you need to know about Sectional Garage Door

Garages are a crucial and valuable part of our house because of their various benefits and usages. So, if you are trying to buy a perfect door for your garage, you can go for sectional garage doors. Sectional garage doors are very useful garage door parts. However, before purchasing a sectional garage door, you may wonder what its specifications are and how it works. So, let us discuss some important factors regarding the sectional garage door.

What is a sectional garage door?

A sectional garage door has an innovative design that can offer you the benefits of modern technology, however, with the look of a traditional garage door. These doors are made up of 4 to 5 panels and open vertically. Those panels can hinge back inside the garage while rising within the opening. When in an open position, these doors can lay parallel to the ceiling of the garage. These garage doors can run along the tracks located on the ceiling and side of your garage. 

Each panel is connected through struts, hinges, and stiles. These garage doors operate on high tension torsion springs and can be automated by a garage door opener; thus, you can open and close these doors with remotes. These effective designs of sectional garage doors are also good for homeowners who have large vehicles to store. These sectional garage doors are available in various designs and colors to match your preferences.

How does a sectional garage door work?

1. It offers quiet and smooth operation

Sectional garage doors are designed and developed to work in a quiet and smooth way. These garage doors can offer smooth and noiseless operation due to some effective features like:

  • Tuff track
  • Roller carrier
  • Click and go track curve
  • Pivot lock hinge
  • Openers are designed for quiet operation.

2. It requires minimal headroom

As sectional garage doors have a vertical opening, these require minimal headroom within the garage and hence, can offer you more clearance area above your cars and vehicles. A sectional garage door can maximize the space because they don’t swing out to close or open. Thus, you can park your vehicles close to your garage door without getting in the way of a garage door.

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3. It can detect obstacles

The sectional garage doors come with a unique feature known as obstacle detection. Hence, those doors can detect any obstruction and even have two key functions. The function of the first key is that a beam of light can detect any movement that is going through the door while the door is trying to close. If the light beam can detect a movement, the door of the garage will stop automatically. The second key system is a specific system for detecting obstacles that can acknowledge anything that may stop the garage door from closing. Then the garage door will stop midway while closing and reverse automatically. 

4. It comes with a finger-safe design

The modern design of sectional garage doors is good for ensuring the safety of your fingers. These doors are designed and developed to be finger-safe and hence, can push your fingers gently out of harm’s way.

5. It can help you to keep your garage clean

Sometimes you may notice that dirt and dry leaves often blow under your garage door; thus, to keep your garage clean, you can add bottom and side seals to the garage door. Those seals are made of rubber and can seal the gaps. Hence, they can prevent dirt and leaves from blowing into the garage.

Therefore, whenever you think about having a versatile and attractive garage door, you can think about a sectional garage door.



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